Delivered In 6 Weeks

As soon as you have finished your order, our factory begin making your items and we will deliver and install in 6 weeks.

Any Door, Any Floor

Our furniture is made 'Bolt-On' at no extra charge to ensure we can fit through the smallest of doors and round the tightest of staircases.

Just For You

Our sizing system allows you to adjust our dimensions to fit your space perfectly.

UK Born, Sustainably Made

All of our furniture is made here in the UK, using responsibly sourced materials from British Suppliers.






Originally from a small town in West Yorkshire, I have spent the last six years in London working in the Bespoke Furniture Industry for the Trade Market where manufacturers sell to Interior Designers, Hotels and Property Developers.

Bespoke Furniture only tends to be available to you, the end user, if you’ve have splashed out with an Interior Designer.

For people who don’t have the time, want or need for an Interior Designer, you go to the big brands where the price range varies hugely - along with the quality. You are also buying ‘off-the-shelf’ and probably settling for a sofa that isn’t quite the right size but is the closest thing.

Why shouldn’t bespoke sizing, top quality and shorter lead times be available to everyone?

We want to offer a product where you tell us your exact size needed, at reasonable pricing and the highest quality. All made in London, by talented craftsmen and in 6 weeks.

So here we are, Welcome to Laidback!



Top Quality

6 Weeks




West Yorkshire and London

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